The growing season is winding down with shorter days and cooler temperatures, and our gardens are starting to look a little rough around the edges. It’s time to bring in the final harvests, tidy up, and put away what we can for the winter.

We've always struggled with powdery mildew at the BUFCO Lab, so when Arlene heard about compost tea, she immediately tried spraying a compost tea concoction on a rosemary plant covered with powdery mildew. Lo-and-behold, the compost tea appeared to reversed the disease. So, when we saw the first signs of powdery

This summer we're experimenting with brewing compost tea for our plants. In a nutshell, compost tea is a concoction of compost diluted in aerated water. Most home gardeners (and even farmers) don't make enough compost for their gardens/farms. Compost tea is all about stretching the benefits from the compost we