“My back is killing me, and my knees hurt!”
“My soil is all clay – I could spin a pot with it!”
“My dogs keep trashing my garden beds!”

There are loads of reasons to not garden, and trust me, we’ve heard them all. Frequently, a raised garden

Attention garlic lovers! Why buy grocery-store garlic grown half way around the world when you can grow your own right at home? It’s an easy-to-grow, low maintenance crop that produces two harvests - first the edible flower stalk (called a garlic scape) in early June, and then the fat, juicy bulb in

Garden plans come in all shapes and sizes, anything from a rough, hand-drawn sketch of a garden bed against a fence to computer generated drawings of entire landscapes.

No matter how simple or elaborate a design, the process of doing a garden plan is an important first step in