This year, the infamous 2020, has offered little to cheer about. If years were clouds, this one would be pretty dark. At times like this, it is important to regularly take stock of all things positive in our lives – the silver linings, as it were. So it is with gratitude

“My back is killing me, and my knees hurt!”
“My soil is all clay – I could spin a pot with it!”
“My dogs keep trashing my garden beds!”

There are loads of reasons to not garden, and trust me, we’ve heard them all. Frequently, a raised garden

So you’ve harvested all your garlic, and it’s curing in a nice, cool, dry place. Maybe you’re eating some that’s fresh from the ground (I hope so!) And once again, you’re looking at your too-large harvest wondering “what the heck am I going to do with all this garlic!?” There

Last month one of BUFCO’s long-standing Toronto clients had us designing and implementing a landscape beyond our normal comfort zone of raised bed installations and edible garden plantings. Removing an array of large, well established and pretty uninspiring ornamental shrubs, establishing three gardens (organic annual edibles, organic perennial edibles, and

Where do you live? Not what town, city or Rural Road, but rather, in a condominium or apartment building? A sprawling ranch house property? Basement rental or a cozy little row home? Or perhaps a mid-town property with average sized yards front and back. Given the opportunity, we can choose