About the BUFCO Blog

Over the years many of the same questions pop up from excited and exasperated gardeners who are looking for practical ideas and tested solutions to common gardening challenges. “How do I feed and mulch my soil?”, “Why is there fuzzy white stuff on my zucchini leaves?” and “What can I do about the @#$%%&* squirrels?!” We share many of the same challenges and we’re hoping the BUFCO blog will be a helpful place for you to find some answers, new ideas and a little inspiration.

There will always be something new for us to share so please check in often and let us know what you think. If you have questions, specific requests for posts or want to share your own great ideas, please do send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

Who we are

We are Arlene Hazzan Green and Marc Green, film and TV veterans turned urban farmers and husband-and-wife team who co-own The Backyard Urban Farm Company BUFCO is an award winning, organic vegetable landscaping company that installs, plants, and maintains organic edible gardens in homes, schools, and businesses. We also design and deliver educational programming for adults and children, and contribute to the local community through leadership of volunteer projects such as The Westlodge Community Garden and Toronto Urban Growers. 2019 marks BUFCO’s 10th anniversary.

We are on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower urbanites to grow their own food and to help them reconnect with nature.

Arlene Hazzan Green is an Organic Master Gardener and an Accredited Organic Land Care Practitioner with SOUL (Society for Organic Urban Landcare). She’s also an Emmy award winning television director and writer.

Marc Green is BUFCO’s VP of Operations and heads the Installation Division. Marc is an avid outdoors enthusiast, loves fishing, canoeing and wilderness camping. He also has a deep connection with music, spending his spare time playing guitar and piano.

Debbie Lo is BUFCO’s Office Manager and Gaia College certified Organic Master Gardener. She is a recent Engineering and Physics graduate from University of Toronto who hopes to combine her technical skills with the imagination of organizations that envision a Toronto with a more sustainable relationship with the earth and its inhabitants through food. In addition to keeping the office humming along, you can expect to see her at BUFCO HQ in the gardens, working on your garden plans, tending your seedlings, assembling your microgreen kits, creating the BUFCO Bulletin and the BUFCO blog.

Julia Stephens is BUFCO’s Head Gardener. They graduated with a BFAH from Queen’s University in 2009 with a specialty in printmaking and a minor in art history. Julia has acquired a broad range of experiences that led them to the decision to take their love of urban vegetable gardening to the next level. After working at organic grocery stores and farmer’s markets, building rammed earth houses, and designing and planting vegetable gardens for themself and friends, Julia happily joined the BUFCO team. Now they are a Gaia College certified Organic Master Gardener. In their spare time, Julia can be found tending their own backyard veggie patch, playing music and cooking for friends.

Elena Potter is gardener with BUFCO. After a previous career in working in visual arts, she left desk life behind to work with plants and soil full-time. Elena is a lifelong garden lover, has interned on organic CSA farms in Quebec and worked on an urban flower farm in Toronto. She holds a BFA from Ryerson University and is working toward her Organic Master Gardener certification. Outside of work, Elena loves being active, appreciating nature, and tending her allotment garden in High Park.

We extend special thanks to Connors Eilersen for designing the BUFCO Blog.